Meet the Owners

John & Lauren Willard

Birmingham, Alabama

Who are the Willards?

Having originated from Virginia, Lauren and John have established themselves in Birmingham, Alabama for over a decade. As dedicated local entrepreneurs, their journey towards success has been nothing short of remarkable. Here's the story of how they found their way to Higher Roof Solutions. 

Lauren relocated to Birmingham in 2011 to join CBS 42, and later, before ultimately transitioning to ESPN as a College Football Sideline Reporter. Utilizing her platform, Lauren ventured into the realm of motivational speaking, traveling across the nation to share her personal journey to inspire others. 

John later followed Lauren to Birmingham and began managing large-scale commercial projects, acquiring an extensive understanding of every facet of the roofing industry. Motivated by a commitment to quality over quantity, he launched Higher Roof Solutions to focus on delivering superior craftsmanship and personalized attention to the Birmingham community. 

Lauren and John complement each other's businesses, functioning as a supportive team, day in and day out. They welcomed the birth of their baby boy Mason in July of 2023.

Our Values


Our relationships with others are incredibly important for our happiness and well-being. They give us a sense of belonging and support and allow us to share our experiences and emotions with others. Whether it's with family, friends, or co-workers; our relationships help us navigate life's ups and downs, and provide us with a sense of purpose and fulfillment. So, let's cherish and invest in our relationships with the people who matter most to us!


With my experience in the roofing industry, I have gained extensive knowledge of materials, techniques, and best practices. I'm skilled in client communication, safety, efficiency, and attention to detail. I'm confident that my experience enables me to deliver high-quality roofing services that exceed clients' expectations.


Focusing on the quality of work over quantity is crucial for any business or individual seeking long-term success. Quality work provides greater value to customers, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. It also builds a reputation for reliability, expertise, and excellence. In contrast, a focus on quantity over quality can lead to rushed or incomplete work, which can result in dissatisfied customers and reputational damage. Additionally, quality work tends to have a longer-lasting impact, leading to fewer callbacks and a lower need for rework. Ultimately, prioritizing quality over quantity leads to more meaningful work, greater job satisfaction, and a stronger business reputation.


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